Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bloody Do Gooders

Yeah, that's right bloody mindless interfering Do Gooders. Do Gooders come in all shapes, sizes and genders, they may vary from the grubby little Boy Scout who insists on helping you cross the road to the well meaning but sadly confused Senior Citizen who drives you nuts pressing religious tomes on you at every opportunity.

Many of these ardent activists with the Good Samaritan complex have so buggered up their own lives that they are driven by some internal compulsion to seek atonement through trying to help others. They are, of course, completely blind to the fact that you do not want, and do not need their brand of "help". Among the Do Gooder sub types are churchies and other assorted God botherers, control freaks and those who insist on helping others as a form of domination - you can't do it - you're not capable - here - give it to me.

Then there are the apologists and those driven by a compulsion that continues to inflict self injury on themselves, both physical and psychological. They are usually recognisable by their introduction to the help they offer - they offer help and before it's even accepted start to apologise for their actions. They can also be recognised by the TYPE of help they offer - It is invariably some form of material goods (money, tools, food, what ever). In effect their help is a form of self imposed tithing. The material offered is never returned or replaced and the result of this is often that they continue to complain about how the are always being taken advantage of. For some strange reason it completely escapes their attention that if they simply stopped giving then they would have no grounds to complain.

I am firmly convinced that most Do Gooders are practicing some kind of self punishment, although they get burnt over and over it seems they can't stop helping or trying to help. I have some advice for them. STOP. Get a life and understand that the person who really needs the most help is yourself. Go see a Counsellor or an Analyst or something - find out why you have the compulsion to help. It's OK to offer assistance now and then to someone in real need but not every one wants, or will accept, help so BLOODY WELL STOP TRYING.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Anti Smoking Advertisements

The Anti Smoking Lobby.

I'm a tobacco smoker and have been for more than 50 years. I know it's stupid and I know it doesn't do my health any favours and yes, I know I should give it up. I've tried on several occasions and I've even succeeded a couple of times - for a while. I know it caused my Peripheral Vascular Disease and my Doctor tells me constantly that I'm a prime candidate for  something called COPD - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. I wheeze, and I cough, and I'm used of my mouth feeling like the bottom of a cocky's cage when I wake up in the morning. You'd think that, being a reasonably lucid and intelligent human being, I'd take the hint and chuck the smokes. I'm trying, and from time to time I even manage to cut down for a while.

I've tried the gum, and the patches, and my Doctor even prescribed some god awful tablets that gave me all sorts of nightmares and flashbacks to places I'd rather not revisit. I've contacted the Anti Smoking Campaigns and they've sent me out their mostly useless literature that makes some appeals to my better nature and my "will power" and provides all sorts of forms and leaflets for me to read and/or fill out. In the long run it makes me wonder if they are really fair dinkum!

I am absolutely fed up with the anti smoking campaign advertisements. They are all highly emotional appeals to give up the habit. We have a small, unbelievably sweet, child telling her father how she played a game and her father SHOULD have been there! The poor bloody bloke is flat on his back and breathing oxygen through a tube. Just the sort of thing to make you feel better! All the rest of the adds are along the same theme. Smoking is a burden on your loved ones and you should be a good boy, or girl and give it up.

This is undoubtedly true BUT the anti smoking campaigns appear to forget one very important fact. SMOKING IS ADDICTIVE AND MOST SMOKERS WOULD LIKE TO GIVE IT UP. They spend millions of tax payers money on these adds and go around patting themselves self righteously on the back. BIG BLOODY DEAL. I wonder if perhaps the money would be better spent on a bit of honest research into EFFECTIVE ways to give up nicotine addiction. I can't help wondering if the amount of tax the government collects off tobacco doesn't in some way influence just how effective these anti smoking campaigns can be!